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Windows Vista – Extended Support Ended April 2017


Many Windows users remember the end of extended support for Windows XP in April 2014.  Likewise, Windows Vista ended its life cycle in April of 2017.   The Vista operating system has an interesting life span.  Its introduction, in early 2007 was designed to replace the popular Windows XP. Vista design included improvements in graphics, networking and security over its predecessor.

  However, it drew criticism for its heavy resource requirements, restrictions for the copying of protected digital media, longer boot times as well as other issues.  As as result, its satisfaction and initial adoption rates were lower than those of Windows XP.

 What should you do if you have Windows Vista? 

If you are still using Vista, you don’t have to do anything. Just as the Windows XP end of extended support came and went in 2014, your Vista operating system will continue to work after April 2017.  Be aware that Microsoft won’t be generating any updates or security patches after support is discontinued.  If you are a satisfied Vista user you can continue to use it. 

Our advice is upgrade to Windows 10.

Latest Cyber Attacks




Have You Seen A Warning Similar to This?              


This or similar is what you will see when you are infected with Crypto Locker one of the worst pieces of Ransom Ware known. This type of hack has been around for a while and is now becoming much more common. Similar pieces of Ransomware have attacked not only Windows PC's but also Mac OS X, Linux and Android Phones.


What can you do?


Our simple advice is:


1. Run good AntiVirus.

2. Install a good Anti Malware Program.

3. Install Anti-Ransomware software.

4. Take great care with e-mail, if you are not sure about a mail do not open, do not open any attachment, delete the mail and delete from the deleted folder.

5. Scan your PC on a regular basis.


Please see our New PC Software page for some suitable programs and we recommend that you only use those programs that give real time protection.These are often the paid for versions.


We suggest Constant Vigilance with regard to e-mail and the golden rule is if you are not 100% sure DO NOT OPEN JUST DELETE the mail.


Much of this type of Crime is instigated by Organised Criminals. Please see here for the Cyber Crime section from Zephyr, the South West Organised Crime Unit. 




WannaCry ransomware hit the globe just over 30 days ago.  It was predicted, another global ransoware attack would take place sooner or later.  But who would’ve thought instead of ransomware, it would be complete cyber warfare?


NotPetya Spreads Around the World


Initial reports of NotPetya, had researchers believing it was a variation of Petya, a previously known ransomware variant.  However, NotPetya doesn’t just encrypt your files, it completely destroys the device so it is completely unusable by attacking the master boot record.


The cyber attack appeared to be targeting Ukraine. NotPetya successfully infiltrated IT systems at some of Ukraine’s most major power and transportation companies, as well as the Ukrainian government and National Bank.


However, other countries have also seen infections take place.  Forbes reported Russian oil giant, Rosnoft, was hit with a “powerful hacker attack”.  The US pharmaceutical giant, Merck, was also infected, along with Maersk the world’s largest shipping company.  NotPetya also successfully infected the Australian chocolate mamufacturer, Cadbury.



NotPetya Compared to WannaCry


Some reports are suggesting NotPetya is quite similar to the world’s first global attack.  NotPetya is spreading through the same vulnerability WannaCry used, EternalBlue.  You would think the infections would be minimal, since patches have been available for this known vulnerability for over a month.  However, because patches are available does not mean businesses or end-users implement them.


WannaCry was a ransomware variant that encrypted files, and would release them after the payment demand was met.  However, NotPetya completely cripples the device by not only encrypting the files, but also corrupting the master boot record. Due to the destruction of the device, it is not believed NotPetya is a ransomware attack, but a major cyber weapon instead.


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