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PC Specifications

Modern PC's come in many shapes, sizes and types and below we have set out what we consider to be the specification you should look for when purchasing a Windows Desktop or Laptop.

Processor Intel i5 or preferably an i7  
Memory 8GB RAM (minimum)  
Hard Drive Solid State (SSD) 480GB  
Desktop Screen 24 inch flat or larger  
Laptop Screen 15.6 inch  
Keyboard & Mouse Wireless  

The choice of touch screen or whether to use a mouse and keyboard is really a personal one although touch screen tends to be more expensive and if not well maintained can look unsightly.


The old adage "you get what you pay for" certainly applies and we recommend that before purchase that you ask what the PC has to do for you. If it is simply e-mail and a bit of surfing the Internet then an Intel i3 will be up to the job. If however you will be running many programs and looking at video editing then the Intel i5 is a better choice and for the gamers who demand super speed then an Intel i7 or i9 is  the PC of choice.


A new PC can be purchased off the shelf from a high street retailer or direct from the Internet, however, if you want a PC supplied to your own specification then we can arrange this on your behalf. You may want a different operating system or extra hard drives installed. In addition we can supply and set up software to your specification or give advice on what you may need. Please ask for a quote.

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