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Online Safety

Below are some basic tips for staying safe online:


If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Whether it is adverts offering free products, or a “new” website that has the best deals out there. The chances are you’ll never receive the product, but a stolen identity instead.


Look out for fake delivery confirmation emails. These typically contain malware and can compromise your computer. If you ordered online, it is best to go directly to the website you ordered from, obtain your tracking number there and then go to the appropriate delivery service website to track the package.


Social media sites have become a popular platform to target potential customers. Be on the lookout for fake adverts, coupons, or freebies offered. This goes for emails offering prizes or gift cards too! Not only will these “deals” result in hackers stealing your payment information, but also could include malware to infect your computer.


Avoid using public Wi Fi while making online purchases. This means, don’t do your online shopping while sipping your latte at the Coffee Shop. Get it to go, and shop from your sofa! Using public Wi Fi is not secure, leaving the door open to hackers.


Enable the firewall built into your laptop, even when using secured hotspots.


A personal firewall can protect your data against other hotspot users. If you are connecting via Wi Fi on a Windows computer, choose the "Public" option when asked what type of network you're on.


Disable file and printer sharing on your laptop before going out in public with it. Whatever data you allow to be shared on a network is available to other users of a wireless hotspot.


When you shop online, use a credit card. That way, if your information is stolen the cyber criminals are not tying up your personal funds from your current or savings account. In addition use just one credit card for the Internet and have one with a low limit.


If you suspect a mail READ it carefully, look for spelling mistakes and poor grammar. A mail can look good with all the right logos but the content can contain errors and this is always a clue to a spam mail.


You will not receive mails from your Bank asking for personal information, HMRC will not ask you for personal information by e-mail.


If in any doubt about a mail, do not open it but delete it from your inbox and then delete from the deleted box.


If you have to sign in to a site always sign out when you have finished.


Try these links for more information:


The advice to children in the links above aslo applies to adults.



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